Chaos Knights Army Set Warhammer 40,000

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Chaos Knights are horrifying metal harbingers of dread and destruction in service to the Dark Gods. These mechanical warsuits are piloted by Fallen Nobles who drive their warped steeds in thundering assaults over battlefields across the galaxy. Embarking on unholy quests and bent on honourless dominion, these traitorous engines of tyranny bring monstrous weapons to bear against all who stand before them. This Chaos Knights Army Set is loaded with sprues, giving you everything you need to build the new Knight Abominant - a psychic monstrosity bearing a Volkite combustor and an electroscourge flail - and two War Dogs, which can be armed with a variety of weapons including daemonbreath spears, avenger chaincannons, and slaughterclaws. Also included in the box is the exclusive limited edition Codex: Chaos Knights with variant cover artwork - your first chance to find updated rules and background material for for Chaos Knights in the latest edition. You'll also find a set of 50 Datacards with matching artwork and two full sheets of transfers.

SSC: 43-80

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